Founded by Bui Tung artist - a first tattoo artist putting Art tattoo into the Online teaching program in Vietnam (Edumall Center), ranked among the most favorite artists in Vietnam. He established prestigious tattoo studio in Hanoi loved by many young people.

Trainee will receive knowledge and experience from instructors to perfect the necessary skills.

6 COMMITMENTS while studying at Ghozk Tattoo Studio:

➡️ Commit students to be proficient in tattooing with the teaching of experienced teachers working in the profession for a long time.

➡️ As the only training place, students not only learn knowledge but also learn soft skills such as customer consulting, store management and development.

➡️ Students will be proficient: hand-drawing skills, design skills, scanning, tattooing on artificial skin, marketing skills with a special learning route developed by the instructor.

➡️ After studying, students have the opportunity to work at Ghozk Tattoo Studio or become Studio owner with the support of lecturers such as importing materials, decorating shop.

➡️ Support additional training without incurring any costs for students who want to practice their skills

➡️ Accommodation assistance for trainee can be more convenient when studying.




➡️ Tuition fees are not incurred, trainees are fully supported at Studio.

➡️ Well-trained in art. If you have questions about not knowing how to draw so can I learn to tattoo? "You can" Ghozk Tattoo Studio said !

➡️ As a second family, we always create a happy and comfortable environment, listen to the trainees' wishes to change the curriculum to adequate each individual.

Note: To ensure the quality of teaching and learning, the Studio accepts only a maximum of 5 trainees per course.

"Success will come with those who are patient and tenacious. You have to do it step by step, no success comes immediately when you want it." Seeing you succeed is the joy and pride of Ghozk Tattoo Studio.

For detailed information about tuition fees, class duration and registration, please contact:

Hotline: 0968.28.9991