Ear piercing is one of the most popular and simplest way to enhance the beauty of your face. It is widely accepted in society and considered a fashion trend ...

Piercings are a way of beautifying yourself. It expresses your individual style. With some others, piercing represents of commemorating an event in life ...

For piercing safely, you must choose a reputable and clean studio. artists must follow the procedure and replace the new piercing tools for each guest, along with helpful tips to take care of your piercing...

Nowadays there are countless kinds of pierces. So if you do not find a suitable position for you, please come to us, the skilled experts will give you advice about it.

"Not only love the art and the beauty but Body Piercing also is a way for me to express my true personality. For me, those who focus on the smallest things are perfectionist and sophisticated people. I always want to make myself look more special and outstanding. A perfect outfit is not enough. Sometimes small details like accessories will make me feel more satisfied."


* Note: The above price list does not include pierces*



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